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The one workshop that finally worked!

What did I discover?

You may recall me talking about how I finally found a workshop that finally worked.  

That workshop was with NeftTI.  I found a community of people who oozed compassion and support. From that day on, I changed, and Spoiled Soul grew to a new level.
DISCOVER Conscious EFT™ level 1/2 accredited training will revitalize, re-energize and re-inspire you in your coaching or clinician practice.



Yoga Download

Yoga was one of the first steps in my journey to grow my self-love practice.
Just taking the time to care for me was vital to stay in the process for me.
If you are interested in having a yoga practice in your life, check out the link below for a wide variety of yoga classes that you can do from home.
There is a wide range of skill levels and practices available, and the price is fractional to having a full membership to a gym or yoga studio. 

Tailor Brands

Looking to get your branding up and running for your new business.  

Take a look at what they have to offer here. 

Tailor Brands helped Spoiled Soul transform our new look.